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The Beatles: Get Back


🎙️ EPISODE 398: 12.21.21
this is a joint review for this and 1970's Let It Be

A lot of The Beatles: Get Back is boring! You don't have to kid yourself or anybody else (for any reason) by saying otherwise. And — not to sound like a true freak — I honestly feel like that's the point. And if not 'the point', then the unintended successful outcome of this project. I believe Peter Jackson (and others perhaps, be they faking it willfully or otherwise) is into all 7 hours of this because he had to pour through all ~60 hours+ of the source material to get to this point. He's really more shepherd than director here. Or, maybe "guy who yelled at the editors and film/audio restoration team a whole bunch." But director? Hmmm.
I speculated after watching the markedly more raw-looking Let It Be about whether or not Michael Lindsay-HOGG was into this new project. And as it turns out: he was...
“Let It Be” director Michael Lindsay-Hogg couldn’t be happier with Peter Jackson’s “Get Back,” the three-part, nearly eight-hour miniseries made up of outtakes from his original Beatles documentary" —Variety
Cased Closed! He would also go on to say of his original film, "I now recognize that my cut is a very accurate, enjoyable cinema verité of what it was like to work with the Beatles for a month in 1969 ... It’s like mine was a short story and his was a full-length novel. They each have different qualities, but I feel both can exist together." And having watched both back-to-back, I must say that I agree with him. One isn't really better than the other, simply longer or shorter.

Jackson has stumbled upon an idea with Get Back which I honestly feel he didn't take far enough. The Beatles as a cultural entity are essentially on their own planet, if not their entire planetary system. They were arguably the most world-famous group of humans to ever live, breaking onto an international stage at the dawn of mass media. For a certain person, and their are many, this project didn't need to have a time limit. If footage exists of The Beatles or a Beatle, any Beatle, doing literally anything, doing nothing! then they would want to watch it. So to that end I say, release the other 50 hours! #ReleaseTheFullJackson! or don't. Look, I'm barely hanging on here, folks. Year's almost over...



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