Friday — May 27th, 2022: Well well well, another fantastic week in the books! [READ MORE]

[ NOTE: I also post random things about movies/cinema thoughts here from time to time ] Friday — May 27th, 2022 : Well well well, anothe...


[ NOTE: I also post random things about movies/cinema thoughts here from time to time ]
Friday — May 27th, 2022: Well well well, another fantastic week in the books! Wasn't sure I would get the posts ready to survive Memorial Day weekend, but I have next week mostly locked and loaded. I'm still up against it, but my promise of non-stop M-F episodes lives to see another month. I have been harping on more and more on the audio portion of the program, and I mentioned it in the last NEWSFLASH, but I am setting up to take this whole shebang psycho-mode: private style! It's all but a foregone conclusion at this point. The good news is that I am thinking about risking my life and the well-being of my family by starting a new YouTube channel. Even though the Overlords of Google told me not to do that and it was illegal or something, I think I should be fine so long as I keep it PG to the MAX. Wouldn't step out of line here in our new White Christian Purity Nation. So the idea would be that the blog with embedded podcasts would be fully private and the only public/promo arm of the show would be the New YouTube Channel™ which would feature excerpts and video content. The G.P. (general public) could still purchase individual review podcasts for $1/episode then I would have some kind of non-Patreon subscriber thing where "fans" would be able to send me 99¢ via carrier pigeon to join The Fun Club and they would get special access via email to the whole website/archive (speaking of archives: I updated the first 200 episodes this week so that they all have written reviews + exclusive show embeds). All of this = Probably another one of my famous bad ideas that I am so famous for haha kill me. Till next time!

Wednesday — May 18th, 2022: Oh shit it's another one of these fucking posts. Well the PATREON has been a colossal dud in its first three weeks. No real traction there! haha I'm not crying I'm totally fine haha. And taking the show off social media/youtube, while only the former was of my doing, has corresponded with a huge drop in pageviews. Who would have thunk that except for everyone ever on earth? It brings up the question, yet again, why do I do this? And at some point perhaps I'll just take the entire enterprise private and do it for myself, p-dub protect this shit even. Try me lol. But in the end I do truly love movies and I am watching a really inspiring one today: The Twentieth Century (2019), review out next week. I'll probably push through to Episode 500 but after that, without an uptick in subs etc., ah buh-bye.

Thursday — April 28th, 2022: BIG NEWS ALERT ! BIG NEWS ALERT ! I mean, it's not THAT big, calm down. I've gone ahead and started a PATREON at for just $1/month. After spitballing live about doing this on the last couple recordings, I decided to just dive right in and set one up. It only took me a minute and I think it's a good option for listeners of the show who want to get it delivered podcast-style straight to their phones. If this gains any traction I'll probably add more perks and might eventually add a higher tier for exclusive video stuff (it's probably better to do that there anyway because of copyright perhaps?). We'll see. The situation is fluid right now. As for this week's run of episodes, it was kind of a random grab bag of newish, very old and kids stuff, but we finish strong tomorrow with the final VIDEO episode of RANKING HARMONY KORINE with the reveal of his #1 film, so be sure to check that out.

Tuesday — April 19th, 2022: Well shit, I guess it's time to write another one of these things, eh? Hi folks, it's Justin "Movie Jeff" Jefferson aka Just Jeff, etc etc & whatnot. Just 'checking in' because this news section is a thing I made so I suppose I should use it. If you don't use it, you lose it, so they say. Who says that? you're wondering. (DON'T ASK DON'T TELL) I've been traveling lately on the beautiful Spring-drenched Eastern Seaboard from Boston (lovely this time of year) to Baltimore (lovely this time of year). And while — SURE — I'd probably prefer being alone in New Jersey watching movies, and subsequently reviewing them for YOU GUESSED IT (The New York Times Magazine) but alas beggars can't be choosers and also choosers can't be choosers it seems nowadays, in this scenario at leats, which is very clear and apparent FOR SURE MAN. What I'm saying is I have little say in the matter(s). Life is something that happens to me and not vice versa, but thankfully Jesus invented Blogger Autoposting, so I can still fire out these posts every M-F at midnite like ole Jeff is right there at the computer in real-time and not losing sleep over some weird sound the window is making in this Air BnB. Ah, now if this ain't the life, I don't know what is! Anyhoot, took the long-way to get here, but lemme tell ya folks, dear readers and listeners, we have a GREAT! (fantastic even) rest of the week here at, including a very special 420 episode coming tomorrow, the SuperSized Episode 450 on Thursday, and the next thrilling installment of RANKING HARMONY KORINE on TGIRHKF (Thank God It's Ranking Harmony Korine Friday). So you're not gonna wanna touch that dial (computer mouse).

Thursday — March 31th, 2022: As of yesterday, the PODCAST is CLOSED. The only place you can get new episodes of the show is by subscribing/following/visiting this website. Kapeesh?

I made all this clear in the beginning of the Being John Malkovich episode, so I don't want to beat a dead horse, but the new future of the show is here. Literally here, RIGHT HERE. The only place you can get Content™ is at — you guessed it! — There won't be any Twitter, YouTube, etc etc. And I've got a lot of cool stuff coming: the Cronenberg series vids (minus the two I lost forever) have been re-uploaded to Vimeo and I'll be doing the same with the Greenaway video-essays soon (fingers crossed that channel doesn't get deleted). Also, the Harmony Korine director focus will continue to move forward in a similar short video form (I haven't decided how to handle future Greenaway eps just yet, but I am going to transition to a Cage-style clip show recap thing for the Cronenberg movies; coming soon: The Dead Zone). Also, we've got the return of TRUE RANDOM - coming back on RANDMONDAYS, 4.11.22. So lots of good stuff as we SPRING into the month of April ✌️

Wednesday — March 23rd, 2022: Welcome to the inaugural NEWSFLASH! I will be using this space about once a week to highlight important things in the Extended Universe. And by "Extended" I mean me, my time, my psyche — I'm losing it, folks. JK. JK? Hope so! Haha. Stay tuned for very special Episode 433 coming very soon, for in it I will do my best to explain why the YouTube Channel got deleted, as well as my decision to end the podcast and other social media associated with the show. Short answer here: It's an R.O.I. thing, and I am very pleased with the decish. I like that everything is now "IN HOUSE" here at and I feel like I can just keep making the show and the reviews weirder without worrying about Big Tech ramming a fork into my ear holes.


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