Titanic 666


🎙️ EPISODE 666: 03.16.23

I've also gone ahead and broken one of my cardinal rules of this review show, which is never critique subsequent entries in a series or franchise without first having seen the previous films (not counting Troll 2 and maybe a couple others). Although, I don't think my having not viewed Titanic II, The Asylum's non-horror, mockbuster disaster interpretation of James Cameron's famous movie, really matters here (lol). The synopsis here says everything you need to know: "After embarking on the maiden voyage of Titanic 3, a group of digital influencers are surrounded by macabre events." I actually don't think it's related to Titanic II in any way, really, outside of the film logic that these idiots really decided to make another "Titanic" vessel even after the fictional second one also sank (again: lol).
The 'bigness' of this, albeit CGI enhanced, and general ridiculousness of the premise, means this already leaning into a certain level of silliness that Flight 666 did not/could not. But it mainly plays things straight, if you can believe it. Using "influencers" as your character inroads to this plot is very 2022 but that also kind of works. As for that "plot" it's as dumb as can be naturally: the great-granddaughter of Captain Edward Smith sneaks onboard the ship in a piece of luggage and does a blood ritual which awakens all the spirits of those who perished in the 1912 disaster. An evil professor is trying to (illegally?) hawk artifacts recovered from that incident to the rich passengers and everyone is either killed by the ghouls or dies when the ship — you guessed it! — hits ANOTHER iceberg and sinks.

They even drop a little social commentary! ...

I think, simply because I watched this immediately following another "666" Asylum movie, my capacity for enjoyment here was always gonna be limited. (The human mind can really only take one Asylum picture per month, probably.) But I genuinely somewhat enjoyed this on that same level. I do find these glitchy demons and dumb CGI cool-looking even though they're also unmistakably bad! It can be both? Sure. I'm a squirrel...

By the time we get to the chaotic iceberg/lifeboats scene — which, look, they don't exactly have Cameron's budget and there's only 10 minutes left in the movie and also there's the demons and whatnot in this iteration LOLxINFINITY — everything has fully come off the rails in the stupidest/most delightful way possible. It's just ridiculous. So similar to Flight just on a much larger scale (comparatively! It still looks like garbage, of course). I found them both weirdly entertaining. This Asylum is onto something


Titanic 666 (also known as Titanic 3) is a 2022 American supernatural horror film directed by Nick Lyon and produced by The Asylum. It is a sequel to Titanic II (2010) and stars Jamie Bamber and Keesha Sharp. It was released on Tubi on the United States on the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The film received generally unfavorable reviews, and users on social media noted the film's similarity to Titanic (1997) and Studio 666 (2022). It was released on April 15, 2022.


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