MOVIE #1,351 • 🍿🍿🍿 • 02.06.24 🚨🚨 WARNING: NEW WEBSITE GIMMICK INCOMING 🚨🚨 That’s right folks, TWO FOR TUESDAY is now officially TW...


MOVIE #1,351 • 🍿🍿🍿 • 02.06.24


That’s right folks, TWO FOR TUESDAY is now officially TWO FOR TUESDAY: as in, each Tuesday I will review a pair of pictures with the exact same title (or close enough). I did a variation of this gimmick last year wherein at least one word of the title was the same, but I’m going whole hog here in 2024. People are saying it’s my worst idea yet! The jumping off point for this series will be a selection from my Letterboxd watchlist and then… another movie. Obviously, I have no real say about the quality or origin of this other film. I’m hoping to find some hidden gems. But today is not that day. Because the hands of fate dealt me Mayday (2019).
If you were ever wondering what an Asylum movie looked like if it was somehow 10X cheaper looking and featured 50X worse acting, then Mayday (2019) is the picture for you. This is oddly similar to the Asylum’s Flight 666, which I reviewed last year. But this movie makes Flight 666 look like freaking Citizen Kane (on a plane).

This entire 76-minute flick takes place on the bad-looking interior of a plane set: a sub-genre in and of itself at this point. The ‘plot’ surrounds the fact that passengers start disappearing from the thin air. Oh, shit! There goes the pilot…

The whole movie is just them thinking out loud about what the hell might be going on…

It turns out there is a demon on the loose (a lady disguised in human form) and some guy just happens to have a briefcase containing a book of magic spells that will get rid of the demon or something…

So convenient that dude packed his screed of ancient incantations! They spent 90% of the budget on this horrible CGI crash landing and then the movie, which feels like it’s three hours long, mercifully ends…

It's a very fine line between why something in an Asylum movie might sorta work and why things like this fail, but there's still a moment or two when the badness here is so atrocious that it borders on the interesting. I kind of enjoyed just how lazy Michael Paré is in the lead, for example. I'm grasping at straws here, what more can I say?

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A flight from Los Angeles to London quickly turns into a terror-filled experience as passengers mysteriously start to disappear without a trace. It was released on September 10, 2019.


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