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Druids Druids Everywhere

MOVIE #1,506 • 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 • 04.01.24

Look, I really wanted to like this: the culmination of the early Farley/Roxburgh canon and the closest to a direct sequel that we've seen. But I think there’s a reason this was essentially buried for 17+ years. For starters, it definitely feels like the cheapest production yet. The sound for this is really bad, way worse than the previous three movies. It's also the first one presented in black and white, which feels like a cover-up for the lack of ideas, in this instance at least. The surviving Farley from the clone death match has become a bearded mountain man out in Cruben Country and speaks with a heavy accent for some reason (until he suddenly doesn't). He really wants Charlie to use one of his toothpicks. Then they gather dirt from the woods to save their wives. It's Halloween night and Kevin McGee has just unleashed a killer fog (the vapor of death, druid cloud) onto the streets of Thomasville.
Why am I even getting into ‘the plot’?

IMO, Harvey is the best character (we never see him but he's essential). This is the best kind of knowing joke. As is how the two heroes’ wives are handling this disaster (one is a dutiful cook that makes candlelit Spaghetti-Os dinners and reads Proust, the other is paranoid and just wants to watch TV and read “periodicals” — this is Melanie Chayer’s best work yet in the latter role). This gets much better after a rough first third as they start killing druids with the frying pan from Sammy and a wiffle ball bat.

In the end, Kevin McGee kills Charlie and the film concludes on an unresolved note as Farley's wife lists the ingredients of her soup recipe and the camera pans out all the way until we see lonely planet Earth chilling in space. I'm not sure if we leave the "Druid Saga" behind moving forward, but I'm excited to find out.

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Confused and afflicted with Woods Insanity Matt meets old friend Charlie in the woods. They discover that Druid Warlord McGee plans to release the "Vapor of Death." Now they must save both their concubines, and the world. This was released on Apr 9, 2003.


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